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Our Story

Heliodor started with our founder’s Julie Lanoue ambition to educate herself. When she was working in the fashion industry, she realized fast fashion was not of her value and started to ask herself what could be done differently and better? How much do we really know about women's health and underwear? What is harmful to our health, but that is still used by the fashion industry?

Our Mission

As Christian Dior once said ‘’Without foundations, there can be no fashion.” The lingerie is where everything starts. The forgotten player that holds everything together. We wear lingerie every day, and it is the first piece next to our skin. It is our priority to create the best possible foundation for our clients all while staying true to our values. Our name Heliodor represents a gift from the sun. Everything we use to create our products is from natural resources and needed the sun to grow. We take that gift from the sun and we are giving it back to you with every piece we produce.

Our Values

All our products are made with natural or recycled material with natural dye, which is not harmful to our skin & body. We are a slow fashion company, we are producing what is ordered and nothing more. Our goal is to empower everybody through lingerie. Our brand is made not only for women but for everybody. Yes, our fit is based on a woman's body, but it does not mean that another gender can’t wear it. Our priority is to create the best possible foundation for our clients all while staying true to our values. Eco-Conscious, Integrity, Educational, Quality, Openness & Respect.